JobNab Scouts: Title

JobNab Scouts are part of a nationwide network designed to make job hunting easier by finding thousands of obscure positions that might otherwise go unseen by job seekers. Scouts do the heavy lifting by researching, categorizing and screening positions so job seekers don't have to and therefore only see a list of legitimate positions that exactly match the types of jobs they want to pursue. Job hunting used to be a laborious, time-consuming process. But with JobNab job seekers can stop looking for a job and get back to work.

Work from home

The only tool Job Scouts need to research open positions in their assigned market is the internet. There is no software or extra equipment needed, and there are never any fees charged.

Work a flexible schedule

The internet never closes, so Job Scouts can work whenever they want as much as they want. Full-time, part-time, day shifts or night shifts; Job Scouts work a schedule that fits their lifestyle.

Be there for people

Job Scouts connect hard-working people with employers that need their skills to grow and prosper. By enabling others to find good jobs that they can be proud to work, our Scouts help build families, businesses and communities.